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Commercial building in Kaunas

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About Commercial building in Kaunas.
Our innovative concept involves blending administrative space with storage facilities in a commercial building in Kaunas. Drawing inspiration from the bold geometry of origami and the delicate forms of paper, we sought to infuse grace into the robust concrete structures. In today’s world, employers increasingly prioritize the working conditions of their employees. With this in mind, we devised a plan to merge rooftop areas into a seamless geometry, featuring an open terrace for both employees and guests.

Given the building’s wider footprint compared to its height, we adorned the main, most prominent facade with vertical “jaluzi”-style lamellas. These elements serve to visually elongate the building and soften the appearance of glass showcases. Additionally, passive sun protection features, along with an extended canopy structure, contribute to the building’s aesthetic while offering functional benefits.

Our aim was to create more engaging and spacious environments for the building’s occupants, recognizing the significant amount of sedentary time spent in offices. Often, individuals find themselves confined to their desks due to a lack of alternative spaces away from computer screens.