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Sports building in Vilnius

Projekto metai

2021 m.



Bendrasis plotas

2500 m2

About Sports building in Vilnius.
The primary function of the sports building is to accommodate sand volleyball activities. Its architectural design is intricately linked to its purpose. The building’s aesthetic is characterized by expansive glass facades that intersect at angles, particularly prominent at the front. Surrounding the volleyball courts, these glass storefronts wrap around three sides of the building, allowing for abundant natural light and fostering visual transparency, seamlessly connecting the interior with the surrounding environment.

The fractured forms of the storefronts integrate harmoniously into the natural landscape, blending into the horizon with its backdrop of tree-covered railway tracks leading to Vilnius. Passengers passing by on trains will have the opportunity to catch glimpses of the sand volleyball games through the windows, while those within the building can intermittently observe the trains as they pass by. We envision this commercial building project to be mutually beneficial for the public and developers, offering a dynamic space for sports enthusiasts and seamlessly integrating with its surroundings.
This sports building in Vilnius is vision of the future.