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Apartment building in Kaunas

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Total area

12 700m2

Apartment building complex is under construction in a prestigious area of Kaunas city, nestled amidst residential neighborhoods, enveloped by lush tree clusters, and adjacent to the refurbished city park and sports complex. The design of the complex follows a ring-perimeter composition, ensuring privacy for each apartment while fostering a sense of community connection among residents and with the surrounding urban environment.

In an exclusive corner of Kaunas, nestled among residential houses and towering trees, a multi-apartment residential building has been meticulously planned. Situated adjacent to a sports complex and a newly revitalized city park, this complex features a ring-perimeter design, offering both privacy for each apartment and a sense of community connection with the surrounding urban area.

The project, dubbed “Fern Ring,” commenced its journey from blueprint to reality several years ago, well before the onset of the pandemic in 2018. Spanning an impressive 12,700 square meters, this apartment complex is now taking shape, ensconced within a lush green landscape.

The name “Fern Ring” pays homage to the verdant surroundings and the circular layout of the building. Throughout the 8-month design process, careful attention was given to various crucial aspects. The circular perimeter design, adorned with balcony alcoves, ensures privacy for each apartment while fostering a sense of communal living. Many of the units boast private terraces, some extending outdoors or onto the rooftop. Ample parking space is provided in a fenced area outside the buildings, leaving the inner courtyard as a tranquil oasis for residents to enjoy leisure activities, complete with children’s playgrounds, newly planted trees, pathways, and benches.

Tomas Kučinskas, the head of Postforma, envisions the “Fern Ring” as a haven for contented residents, highlighting its unique and vibrant façades designed to evoke a sense of joy. Each apartment is adorned with colorful niches, with yellow—symbolic of happiness—predominating in the deeper structure. Kučinskas eagerly anticipates the completion of construction, envisioning the first festive season adorned with decorated balcony alcoves and a communal tree in the courtyard. Perhaps the inaugural residents’ celebration will coincide with a traditional St. John’s bonfire.

For those interested in learning more about this remarkable project, further details can be found at: Paparčio Žiedas – Nauji butai Kaune – paparcioziedas.lt