Building designers

We are certified designers specializing in both special and non-special structures, excelling in design process management, architectural modeling, and engineering solutions. Committed to delivering exceptional architectural designs and sustainable engineering solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of design and consulting services. Our expertise spans across the design of public, commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. We specialize in complex building design and conduct feasibility studies for construction projects on various plots.

About us


The company "Postforma" undertook the design project for a complex of six multi-apartment residential buildings spanning 12,700 square meters. They ingeniously crafted the architecture of the complex to align with our desires and concepts, overseeing the design process from inception to construction completion. Despite encountering challenging tasks along the way, the "Postforma" team adeptly navigated through them, ultimately achieving successful outcomes. Their exemplary management of design processes, effective communication, and extensive knowledge of regulatory standards set them apart. I wholeheartedly trust and recommend them for any design projects or challenges.

Jurgita Kaminskaitė - Gaigalienė, UAB "Kaminta"

Deputy General Director

The project is super detailed, to be honest, I haven't seen such a well-made project in a long time.

Mindaugas Laučys, UAB "Dimetris"


Highly skilled professionals in their field, attentive to client preferences and offering top-notch solutions. I wholeheartedly recommend their services.

Šarūnas Mančas, UAB "M Furniture"


This is the best place where I received answers to all of my questions.

Vita Mickevičė, UAB "Trimb"


Yesterday, additional boxes were constructed, offering a view of the Nemunas River from the scaffolding, even glimpsed through other buildings. My wife and I discussed it yesterday and we were delighted with the project and concept you proposed. Fantastic!

Andrius D.,