Designing a building is a multifaceted and intricate process that demands considerable time, expertise, and collaboration. Effective management and coordination of design processes are essential to attain a cohesive and meaningful building design.

We are a team of building designers offering an extensive array of design and consulting services. Our goal is to deliver outstanding designs. Leveraging professional design tools, we create products using parametric data techniques, thereby saving you time and money.

Purpose groups of designed buildings:

  • Residential single-family, two-family buildings;
  • Residential apartment buildings;
  • Public and commercial buildings;
  • Industrial buildings.

How we think

  • Architecture is our way of life.
  • The environment you are in affects your well-being. Our mission is to improve your being space.
  • Every day we look for what lies beneath the form and how it affects the person.
  • Shape and function are two inseparable features of a building.
  • The Shape does not require more than the function requires.

How we do it

  • We analyze your needs and offer the most suitable solution from many possible options.
  • We work with modern professional design tools.
  • We save you time and money by optimizing each process in real time.
  • We manage building projects in space and time.

Services we provide:

  • Design services, execution of all necessary parts of the building project,
  • Consulting on design issues,
  • Studies of construction possibilities of plots or buildings,
  • Design process management, project manager services,
    Services for making project proposals and publicizing them with the public,
  • Technical and work project performance services,
    Services for obtaining a building permit document,
  • Project execution supervision services.