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Residential house in Druskininkai

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An individual residential house in Druskininkai set in a picturesque riverside location, offering captivating views of the river and forest landscapes. The house is designed with a two-volume composition, with the living area occupying the first floor and the bedrooms nestled on the second floor. From the elevated vantage point of the second floor, residents can enjoy expansive perspectives of the surrounding natural scenery, fostering a sense of openness and tranquility.

For those opting for individual housing, a harmonious relationship with the environment is often paramount. Architects perceive this connection not merely as picturesque views from windows but as the integration of building elements with nature, forming an organic unity. We take pride in achieving this harmony through the design of a 150 square meter residential house in Druskininkai.

The two-volume structure emphasizes the separation of living and sleeping quarters, while maximizing views of the river and forest. A prominent gable structure adorns the front of the building, imparting a sense of elegance and lightness, reminiscent of floating in the air. Additionally, the gable serves as a functional canopy, providing shelter and aesthetic appeal.

A distinctive feature of the design is the slanted metal columns supporting the carport, inspired by natural forms to avoid the monotony of urban verticality. These columns echo the rhythm of neighboring pine trunks, seamlessly integrating with the surrounding environment and preserving its innate harmony.

In the pursuit of creating a residence that complements rather than disrupts the natural beauty of its surroundings, attention to detail becomes paramount.