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Residential houses

Residential houses – Classification

  • Individual houses,
  • Apartment buildings,
  • Residential buildings are intended for the residence of persons of various social groups,
  • Residential complexes and blocks.

Design proposals and architecture

  • We will create the architecture of the building,
  • We will perform 3D modeling,
  • We will analyze the situation of the plot.

Construction design

  • We will design the most optimal building structure,
  • we will solve the energy efficiency of the building.

Engineering solutions

  • We will design the internal engineering systems required for the building to function,
  • We will design the outdoor engineering networks necessary for the building to function.

Traffic flows and parking

  • We will solve car parking and traffic flows on the plot, in car storage facilities.

We are a dedicated team of building designers, offering a diverse array of design and consulting services. Our mission is to deliver exceptional designs tailored to meet your unique needs. Utilizing professional design tools and parametric data techniques, we strive to create innovative solutions that not only save you time and money but also exceed your expectations.

Designing residential buildings is a multifaceted and meticulous process that requires thorough consideration of your requirements, extensive research of the area, and the pursuit of optimal solutions. Effective management and coordination of design processes are essential to ensure a cohesive and purposeful building design.

Before making real estate investments or embarking on construction projects, we encourage you to consult with us. We recommend conducting a comprehensive construction feasibility study of your current or prospective plot. Our evaluation will consider the criteria you establish, identifying both the strengths and weaknesses of the plot. We will provide insights into what can be built, where it can be located, and the maximum potential development for the plot.

It’s crucial to accurately identify the purpose and category of a structure during the initial design phase. This correct determination not only guides decisions on design obstacle distances and design measures but also ensures the successful issuance of the construction permit document.

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Classification of buildings

Constructions are divided into buildings and engineering constructions.

Buildings are divided into two groups by purpose:

  • residential buildings;
  • non-residential buildings.

Engineering buildings are divided into groups according to their purpose:

  • communication communications;
  • engineering networks;
  • hydrotechnical structures;
  • other engineering structures.

The buildings are divided into categories:

  • Special structures;
  • Non-special structures;
  • Simple structures.