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Where to start?

Ownership documents

    Initial appointment for consultation

    • Contact by phone or e-mail by mail for a consultation time,
    • Briefly describe what you want to do with your real estate (demolish, build, reconstruct, etc.),
    • Let’s meet and discuss your needs and questions. After the meeting, you should have all the answers you need to get started.

    Commercial proposal

    • We will perform an analysis of your individual situation, evaluate the scope of the design, present a commercial offer,
    • We do not make an offer without knowing your individual situation, without familiarizing yourself with the ownership documents of the area or object.
    • We are always waiting for your response after submitting a commercial offer, because then we ask ourselves the question – Where to start?

    What, how much and where can be built on the plot?

    • Consult with us before purchasing real estate and planning your investments.
    • We suggest that you carry out a construction feasibility study of the plot you have or are planning to purchase.
    • We will evaluate the plot according to the criteria you set.
    • We determine the characteristics of your plot – disadvantages or advantages.
    • We will answer what can be built, where it can be built and how much can be built on the plot.

    Very important at the start of the design

    It is very important to correctly determine the purpose and category of the structure at the initial stage of design. The correct determination of the purpose of the building, the assignment of the category will lead to the correct determination of the design obstacle distance, the application of design measures, and the successful issuance of the construction permit document.

    You can read more here:

    Kas yra statinys ir kodėl svarbu teisingai nustatyti jo kategoriją? | Valstybinė teritorijų planavimo ir statybos inspekcija prie Aplinkos ministerijos (lrv.lt)

    Purpose groups of the designed buildings:

    • Residential single-apartment, two-apartment buildings,
    • Residential apartment buildings,
    • Commercial and public buildings,
    • Public buildings,
    • Industrial buildings.

    Services provided:

    • Consulting on design issues;
    • Site or building construction feasibility studies;
    • Execution of all parts of building projects;
    • Design process management, project manager services;
    • Design proposal execution services;
    • Technical and work project performance services;
    • Services for obtaining a building permit document;
    • Project execution supervision services.