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Multi-apartment residential building project in Varėna

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About multi-apartment residential building project in Varėna.
What kind of lifestyle would you anticipate in a small town, especially one like Varėna, known for its rich mushroom-filled landscapes? Constructing a new apartment building in Varėna posed an intriguing challenge for our team.

While mushrooms served as a key symbol, they were just one of many inspirations behind our design for this year’s 2,000 square meter apartment building. Other motifs included nature, pine forests, recreational surroundings, and the unique character of the Dzuk region. From these elements emerged the concept of sponge-mushroom-like balconies, seamlessly integrated into the facade to evoke the color and texture of tree bark. The balconies’ inclined struts, set at a 45-degree angle, pay homage to the Dzukish heritage.

Careful consideration was given to the color scheme of the balconies and window openings, harmonizing their rhythm with the adjacent red brick building. We always prioritize organic harmony with the surroundings when tackling project tasks. We’re pleased to report that throughout the project’s execution, we upheld our company’s core values: delivering high-quality work, efficiency at every stage, expertise, risk minimization, and aesthetic excellence.

The apartments in this building are now available for sale, and you can find more information on the developers’ page: “Dzūkų apartamentai” Multi-Apartment Residential Building.