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Commercial building Kaunas district

In the district of Kaunas, a service building was designed with a distinct aim. One might argue that even a modern business center, crafted for the leasing needs of trade and service enterprises, quickly becomes engulfed in a cacophony of visual clutter. Think multicolored brand advertisements, neon signs competing for attention in the dark. While the marketing objectives are clear, one might question whether this cluttered advertising achieves its intended goals. We pondered over this quandary when conceptualizing a service building for prospective tenants last year.

On a plot spanning nearly 1000 square meters in the Kaunas district, we fashioned a business center characterized by a concise form and a clearly delineated layout of divisible rental spaces. This design allows for the accommodation of numerous small-scale retail or service outlets, as well as larger service companies. Moreover, we ensured convenient parking and access options encircling the building. To mitigate the issue of visual advertising clutter, we harmoniously integrated entrances into the architectural design. Each entrance features an exclusive triangular frame enveloping the advertising light boxes, adhering to uniform font and color specifications.

Our approach transformed advertising into an integral component of the building’s architecture and composition. The juxtaposition of broken shapes creates a rhythmic pattern, breaking down the facades into more manageable fragments, thus bringing the facade closer to human scale, rendering it cozier and more appealing. The cohesive aesthetic of advertising and store entrances fosters the perception of a harmonious and cohesive corporate community. This instills a sense of reliability and security for visitors to the service center, piquing their curiosity and enticing them to explore further. We aspire for this service building to attract businesses passionate about their craft and to delight their customers.